Preclinical and clinical trials aren’t the only ways we use our imaging expertise. Especially at Thanksgiving.

Q: One turkey costs $16.25 more than the other. What is the difference?

Data analysis of two turkeys shows volume of bones, wings and breast. Image showing scan of two turkeys. One cost $1.39 per lb and the other $2.69 per pound.

A: 45% more white meat for 52% less cost.

Sometimes the most important information just can't be seen in traditional ways. A closer, deeper look in your biomedical research can help you make better trial decisions, enhance the depth and reliability of your results, and save time and money. ImageIQ can help you plan for and find the most reliable and comprehensive data - in ways you might not have even imagined.

Happy Halloween from your friends at ImageIQ!As a thank you to our customers and the work we do together, ImageIQ is making a donation to the West Side Catholic Center of Cleveland,, that assists all who come in need of food, clothing, shelter, advocacy and a path to self-sufficiency.

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