A Cellular Valentine from ImageIQ

With 100,000 beats a day, the heart pumps 2,000 total gallons of blood surging through 60,000 miles of blood vessels — the literal lifeblood of organs and tissues. As shown in this video, a single heart cell outside of the body can continue to beat. Image analysis lets us see, and quantify, this miracle.

There are infinite possibilities to process, quantify or analyze images for your preclinical research, clinical trial and product development needs. Let us help you identify the ones that will unlock clinical mysteries, give you the best data, reduce your costs and accelerate your timelines.

Video description:
In vitro culture of cardiomyocytes with one cell (in center) contracting. The red overlay shows the displacement area from frame to frame which is also reflected in the graph (displacement area vs time (0.5 sec per frame 50 sec total acquisition)).

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