Before you choose your Pot o’ Gold,
make sure you know what’s in it.

Pot of Gold

You could always guess, or perform a complex calculation, but perhaps imaging analytics is the faster, more accurate approach.

Such is true for your preclinical research and clinical trials. A closer, deeper look into your biomedical research can help you make better decisions, enhance the depth and reliability of your study data, strengthen product efficacy claims, all while accelerating timelines and saving money.

ImageIQ can help you plan for and discover the most valuable and comprehensive data - in ways you could not possibly imagine. It’s time you saw what you’ve been missing.

Associated Data Outputs
Red = 79 coins = $0.10
Blue = 59 coins = $0.01
Green = 63 coins = $0.05
Yellow = 24 coins = $0.25
Magenta = 26 coins = $0.50
Total coins = 251 coins = $30.64

Analysis Brief

Getting into the St. Patrick’s Day festivities, we sought to analyze a pot of gold. The analysis started off by acquiring a CT scan of the pot of gold and then applied a number of automated image segmentation and classification methods to enumerate the number and type of coins. On each CT frame, the cross section of each coin was segmented. Then, the coins were classified using a connected components algorithm to convert the 2D coin segments into 3D coins. Last, the 3D volumetric coins were binned and color coded based upon the coin volume.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from your friends at ImageIQ!

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