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Q: What do pumpkin seed spitting contests and
clinical trial images have in common?
A: The right imaging protocol and powerful image
analytics can give you quantifiable data to answer
most important questions.

Pumpkin seeds
There are infinite possibilities to process, quantify, or analyze images for your preclinical and clinical trial research. Let us help you identify the ones that will unlock clinical mysteries, give you the best data, reduce your costs, and accelerate your timelines.

This Halloween we analyzed a playful pumpkin seed spitting competition.

Pumpkin Seed Spitting Video

To quantify each contestant’s spitting power, we wrote an algorithm that measured their respective longest seed flight time, horizontal distance, and total in-flight distance traveled. The algorithm first detected and segmented the seeds on each movie frame and then tracked each pumpkin seed across the entire movie. We validated our results by creating a data overlay movie with the segmented pumpkin seeds marked in red and each pumpkin seed’s flight tracked in a different color. Human reviewers were then able to confirm data accuracy and precision. View the video and data.

Happy Halloween from ImageIQ

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