Headstone Count: 401

There really isn’t any way to quantify the sacrifices that have been made by our armed forces. We thought the best way to memorialize the incredible sacrifices of our armed forces was to apply the same expertise we leverage every day to analyze biomedical images, and to let the visual aspects touch your heart the way it did ours. We appreciate the extraordinary number of men and women who have given so selflessly for our freedom.

In humbled appreciation this Memorial Day weekend


Analysis description: As part of Memorial Day, we applied our image analysis to an image of a section of Arlington National cemetery counting the number of headstones in the picture’s field-of-view. To automatically identify and count each headstone, the spectral reflection on the headstone was isolated using a series of color channel operations in the RGB (red, green, blue) color space and morphological filters. An overlay image was generated to visually validate the results with a dot placed on every automatically segmented headstone.


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