ImageIQ Stuns Clinical Trial Sector by Analyzing Midi-chlorian Images

ImageIQ, an innovative Imaging Software and Contract Research Organization focused on supporting preclinical research and clinical trials, announced today that it has successfully analyzed Midi-chlorian cellular blood images to support its clinical trial client, Yoda & Associates. This galaxy-changing analysis of Midi-chlorians, intelligent microscopic life forms that live symbiotically inside cells of living things, will assist ImageIQ’s client in identifying pervasive energy fields, and will help to identify Force-sensitive individuals in varied populations.

“Our image analytics research indicates that the magnitude of the midi-chlorian count, indeed, serves as a measure of one's potential in the Force,” said Dr. Amit Vasanji, ImageIQ’s Chief Technology Officer. We created a new Midi-chlorian IQbot for our preclinical image analysis site, and the analysis was accurate and repeatable across millions of cellular images. This is exciting news for those interested in determining biological suitability for certain careers,” said Vasanji.

Tim Kulbago, ImageIQ CEO, agreed. “Until recently, this type of research was technically impossible, but due to our enhanced capabilities, we are the first to achieve these analytic results. We are pleased to be a part of this Jedi-producing venture, although we are vigilant that the research not be used for dark outcomes,” said Kulbago.

April Fools. We can’t really analyze Midi-chlorian images, because they don’t exist in our world, but maybe they do in this one. However, we can do incredible blood type analyses to support preclinical research and clinical trials. Click here to learn more.

Happy April Fools Day from your friends at ImageIQ!