It seems safe, until somebody gets hurt.

Generating imaging data for clinical trials or preclinical research is complex, as is imaging. But just like using a simple 4th of July sparkler, in the midst of everything, it’s no fun when everything goes awry. That’s why you need an expert on your team.

With custom-tailored imaging analytics there are infinite possibilities to prototype, process, automate, quantify or analyze your preclinical research and clinical trial images. It all starts with the right imaging protocol, backed by the industry’s best imaging experts. Let us help generate the best possible imaging data, reduce your costs, and accelerate your time to market.

Sparkler Burn Analysis

Click here to see full 3D imaging analysis video

A simple sparkler can cause significant burns. We used a hamhock as a proxy for human skin to show its burn potential. Top left image is 3D scan of a hamhock without a burn acquired using a 3D surface scanning system attached to an Ipad mini (part of the ImageIQ EDC Derm Platform). Top center image is a 3D scan of the same hamhock with a sparkler burn (red arrow). Bottom images are 3D surface scans acquired using a FARO arm, left image is the native scan, center image includes the segmented burn volume (green), right image includes a pseudocolored representation of the burn depth (look-up table scale to the right of the image). Top right graph shows the max burn depth across the length of the burn (blue arrow shows direction of the analysis).

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