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This Thanksgiving we looked at just one news-worthy aspect of the Thanksgiving tradition of watching American football games: how much difference does a deflated football really make?


  Mean Indentation (mm) Max Indentation (mm) Indentation Volume (cm3/td)
Pressure 1 0.411 6.8 1.185
Pressure 2 1.212 8.8 4.694
Pressure 3 2.416 10.4 8.494

3D surface scans of a regulation football were acquired using an infrared laser scanning system (FARO Arm). The football was imaged fully inflated (brown surface in movie) and then deflated to 3 lower psi levels (gray surface is at lowest psi). A coin was placed under constant force (simulating a "finger") and the surface indentation was measured around the coin at each deflation level. The pseudo-colored map in the movie provides a visual representation of the indentation distances around the coin at the lowest psi in comparison to the fully inflated surface (blue = 0 mm; red/orange = 10.4 mm). Key: td = total distance

Happy Thanksgiving!

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