Home of the Free. Because of the Brave.

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At ImageIQ, the time we sacrifice to go the extra mile for our clients is tangible, but pales in comparison with the sacrifices made by those who serve our country.  We are humbled by those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom, and we honor them this Memorial Day.

The subject of our image analysis honors that ultimate sacrifice, and those who gave up their loved ones for our freedom.


How we analyzed the video images

Image of data graphics

The eternal flame symbolizes our nation’s unwavering remembrance of fallen heroes. This Memorial Day, we sought to quantify the size and intensity with which our eternal remembrance burns, by analyzing this video of the eternal flame. We dissected the video into 400+ frames, converted the original color video to grayscale, and applied a series of spectral and intensity-based filters resulting in a consistent intensity gradient for flame segmentation. Morphology constraint filters were then applied, and segmented flame area was quantified, output and plotted versus time. Mask and area pseudo-colored overlays (right) were co-registered to the raw video (left) to visualize the quantitative data and highlight the dynamic flame boundary (blue) and localized flame intensity (e.g., red corresponding to greater intensity).